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8 october 2022

Welding parameters: how to set them in a few minutes

In this video, we analyze our interface in more detail: how to set work and travel angles, weavings, or multi-pass seams. It only takes a few clicks

Watch the new video from Wheeling (30 min drive from Chicago), where the ABAGY technology center is located.

In particular, here ABAGY engineers tested the robotic cells for Fabtech 2022 which starts November 8th in Atlanta. There will be two robotic cells at our booth: one will be equipped with a Kawasaki robot and a Miller welding source, and the other with a Fanuc robot and a Lincoln welding source.

Luke Faulkner from the Chicago-based American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) came to the final tests before Fabtech at the ABAGY center

My first thought is that the user interface is really nice. It's built around how a welder would work, and not around how a programmer would work. It's a really nice thing if you are not a programmer.

AISC started looking at how we can automate processes about already 10-12 years ago, and that was the question we got: "Are you worried that you are taking people's jobs?" The answer was simple even 12 years ago: "There's no one for these jobs". We're doing the jobs that we simply can't find people for. In the ensuing 10 to 12 years or so it's not gotten better. We are taking on an initiative that AISC to address workforce development, but it's not quick. Automation is what's going to help fill the gap right now
Luke Faulkner, Director of Technology AISC


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