Offshore structures

Offshore oil and gas production structures / Wind turbine
robotic welding for bridge manufacturers

A robotic cell with ABAGY can have any configuration

Below is an example of a solutions
Two robots increase productivity. In addition, two working zones allow convenient loading. While welding in one work zone, you can load the second part into the second one.
Two robots on one track
Work zone Dimensions:
Robotic cell Dimensions:
46 ft * 9.8 ft * 4 ft
65.6 ft * 29.5 ft * 10.8 ft
14 m * 3 m * 1.2 m
20 m * 9 m * 3.3 m
robotic welding solutions for offshore structures

Different types of welds
Multipass welding

step-by-step process for robotic welding with Abagy


1 yr payback
3x cost reduction
High welding quality
5x throughput
Savings on gas
Additional savings on assembly defects checked by the scanner before welding
Savings on wire
Savings on grinding after robotic welding

turnkey solution

ABAGY software
Robotic equipment
Installation and commissioning
24/7 tech support
The main ABAGY component is proprietary software.
But we provide a turnkey solution together with our partners.