Utility structures

With ABAGY, you can use robots efficiently and simply
robotic welding for utility structures
Forget about welder shortage. Use robots 24/7
Increase throughput. Get a competitive edge
High-quality welding
Poles or Telecom Structures. With ABAGY, you can weld different products.
4x more productive and 2-4x cheaper than manual labor
With robots, the weld quality will be consistent and reliable.
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A mix of different parts

You can weld any parts that can be placed in the working area of your robotic cell

Telecom Structures

Utility Structures (Poles)

robotic welding for telecom structures
automated welding for poles
automated welding for utility structures
robotic welding solutions for utility structures
robotic welding solutions for poles

High-quality welds. Consistent results

Different types of welds.
Here are some examples.
Fillet weld
Corner weld
Butt square weld
Butt single V weld
Main welds
butt single V weld
fillet weld
corner weld
butt square weld
Corner bevel
Corner flare
bevel outside
Corner bevel
Corner flare
bevel inside
bevel welds
corner flare bevel inside
corner bevel outside
corner flare bevel outside
corner bevel inside
(Any quantity of the passes)
Two passes
Three passes
Six passes
Multipass welds
One pass
multipass weld - six passes
multipass weld - one pass
multipass weld - two passes
multipass weld - three passes

Any robotic cell configuration

We are compatible with major manufacturers

Major robot manufacturers:
Major manufacturers of welding equipment:

A robotic cell with ABAGY can have any configuration

Below is an example of a solutions
Two robots increase productivity. In addition, two working zones allow convenient loading. While welding in one work zone, you can load the second part into the second one.
Two robots on one track
Work zone Dimensions:
Robotic cell Dimensions:
/46 ft * 9.8 ft * 4 ft
14 m * 3 m * 1.2 m
/65.6 ft * 29.5 ft * 10.8 ft
20 m * 9 m * 3.3 m
robotic welding solutions for telecom structures

Multipass welding

How Abagy works

Easy to use. No knowledge in robotics needed. No programming
3d model upload
Task Definition
Workzone loading
3D Model can be exported from any CAD program
Define the order of operations and welding parameters
An operator places a pre-assembled part freely in the working area, no reference points required
ABAGY scans the working area and automatically adjusts the program to the real workpiece

Economic benefits

Compared to manual labor
Savings on grinding after robotic welding
Savings on wire
Savings on gas
Additional savings on assembly defects checked by the scanner before welding
4x more productive
2-4x cost reduction
within 1-2 years

The step-by-step process for robotic welding with Abagy

turnkey solution

Learn more about Abagy Product
The main Abagy component is unique software. But we know that it is much more convenient for you to receive a turnkey solution.
So we provide it together with our partners.
ABAGY's programming automation platform
Ready-to-use robotic system
Installation and commissioning of equipment
24/7 tech support
Flexible payment options