About us

We make robotics accessible for millions of businesses and humans

We are working internationally

ABAGY has offices in US, Germany, and Cyprus.
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A team of professional engineers and programmers

There are almost 40 engineers and programmers in our team. We have created a unique software that allows us to flexibly and simply set tasks for robots, adapting to all emerging changes on the fly. We develop technologies in our laboratory.
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professional engineers and programmers

Cooperation with the major equipment manufacturers

In 2017, we signed the first cooperation agreement at the INNOPROM international industrial exhibition with the robot manufacturers Kuka, Yaskawa, ABB, and later with Fanuс. Today, we continue to develop cooperation and expand the circle of our partners. We are conducting RnD projects with equipment manufacturers in several countries.
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We are members of professional associations

We are part of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and the American Institute of Steel Construction.
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We understand manufacturers because we are a manufacturer

Our founder Maxim Zverkov also founded a group of companies with 20 years of experience in exhibition booth construction.

Maxim Zverkov started ABAGY after facing difficulties integrating robots in his own furniture and metal structures production. So, he understood that a new technology was needed that would help use robots not only in serial production but also in non-serial production.
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