We make robotics accessible for millions of businesses and humans

We are working internationally

ABAGY has offices in the USA, Germany, UAE, and Cyprus.

In the USA:
US HQ Houston, TX
Chicago Demonstration Center, IL
Founders are in San Francisco, CA
kuka arc welding robot
fanuc welding robot

A team of professional engineers and programmers

  • Pioneer of autonomous industrial robots
  • 5 Years of R&D
  • There are almost 40 engineers and programmers in the team
robotic technology systems
professional engineers and programmers
robotic welding systems

Cooperation with the major equipment manufacturers

We are very proud of our partnerships and grateful for the opportunity to work with industry leaders. We collaborate with robot manufacturers such as Fanuc, Kuka, Kawasaki, and Yaskawa, as well as welding equipment manufacturers such as Fronius, Lincoln, Miller and Esab. There are also integrators among our partners. Here you can find partners' testimonials.
kuka robotics integrators
yaskawa industrial robot

We are members of professional associations

We are part of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and the Association for Advancing Automation A3 (US).
professional support
ongoing support

We understand manufacturers because OUR FOUNDER WAS A MANUFACTURER

Our founder Maxim Zverkov also founded a group of companies with 20 years of experience in exhibition booth construction.

Maxim Zverkov started ABAGY after facing difficulties integrating robots into his own furniture and metal structures production. So, he understood that a new technology was needed that would help use robots not only in mass production but also in high-mix, low-volume production.
ceo abagy maxim zverkov
robotic painting


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