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We deeply immerse ourselves in the production processes of our clients and assist them in finding the best welding solutions for their tasks.

Let's get to know our team

The ABAGY team combines two generations of specialists. On one hand, there is a young team of developers who are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine vision. On the other hand, we have seasoned welding experts with 30+ years of experience.

Learn how our users tackled welding challenges

Relief valve
Support Pole and Enclosure Roof
Multi-pass welding
ABAGY automatically coordinates the simultaneous movements of the auger and the torch to create a uniform, continuous weld
This product with the pipe-in-pipe design was previously welded manually as it required complex programming. Now programming is 100% automatic.
Robots Switch from One Product to Another in Minutes
Here's another video from our laboratory. We are conducting tests on Carriage parts.
Solar tracker
Previously, programming a robot for one rotor took 90-120 minutes. Now it takes 9-10 minutes
The launch of this cell took only one day
Excavator Bucket
Bridge Structures
With the traditional approach, robotic welding for excavator buckets is a challenging task. With ABAGY, it’s simple and fast
Steel Bridge Manufacturer welds more than 50 different part types per month in a single cell
Robot and 2 Different Positioners
ABAGY automatically synchronizes the robot and other components of the robotic cell.

More information about ABAGY PRODUCT

Why you no longer need to program robots.
We help you determine the best configuration for your production needs.
We simplify the traditional approach to integrating a robotic welding system.

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