10 minutes and your cell welds a completely new product. No more complicated fixtures and programming
Precision Zone Inc uses robots as both a hardware manufacturer for its own products and an integrator for its customers
The launch of the cell took only one day
See how our retrofit solution works at JP Metal Fabrication's manufacturing site in Santa Clara, CA


KUKA USA: We see more high-mix, low-volume customers
Darcy Charbonneau, Sales Director USA at KUKA
Fronius USA: With ABAGY, a welder himself can program robots
Jeff Hoffart, Welding Automation Manager at Fronius USA
Fanuc America: Our General Industry Customers need this technology
Jon Karr, Vice-President at FANUC America and Edward Minch, Director of Sales – Automotive Component & General Industry – Paint at FANUC America
Central McGowan: It's actually opening up a new market for integrators
Pete Rogers, VP & GM Automation at Central McGowan
Mitsubishi Electric Automation: ABAGY is a new efficient tool for welders
Ben Sagan, Business Development Manager – Robotic at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc
Kawasaki Robotics USA: We are excited about the ABAGY product
Zachary Thoma, Regional Sales Manager at Kawasaki Robotics (USA) Inc


  • Calvary Robotics is a robotic systems integrator (US)

    The ABAGY AI-Vision system does not take long to be installed, and it is robot agnostic for easy retrofit. Not having to program the robot motion is a huge time and cost saver, especially in a high product mix scenario. Also, it directly addresses the hard-hitting shortage of skilled welders we are facing today.

    Wolfgang Jeutter, Calvary Robotics

  • PSA is a robotic systems integrator (US)

    In my opinion, ABAGY technology is revolutionary in the Robotic Arc Welding Industry and the Markets it serves; and shows great promise to any manufacturer or fabricator with low-volume/high-mix production requirements.

    Joe Redding, Production Systems Automation (PSA)

  • ROYAL 4.0 is a seller and integrator of industrial equipment (US)

    This is the best solution I’ve seen for manufacturing the highest quality weldments, without having to program robots, while also addressing the shortage of qualified welders. Every fab shop should consider this solution.

    Michael J. Stovall, Royal Engineering

  • Nordica Sterling Robotics is a robotic systems integrator (Latvia)

    Offline programming wasn’t working for one of our clients with non-serial production. We suggested the ABAGY software to them, which is now successfully running at their enterprise. From an integrator’s point of view, I’ll say that with ABAGY we’re able to do business with many companies that previously were not even considering installing robots. For us, it’s an opportunity of attracting new business, and increasing our revenue.

    Miroslav Marševski, Nordica Sterling / Euroweld Group

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