17 October 2022

ABAGY’s new robotic cell in California

The launch of the cell took only one day.
We are happy to announce our new robotic cell in California. JP Metal Fabrication's manufacturing site is located in Santa Clara. We installed the Yaskawa robot there, as well as our software and machine vision.

The launch of the cell took only one day. The very next day, the company began welding its production parts. In this video, you can see solar trackers. But with ABAGY, the company now can easily switch from one product to another. JP Metal Fabrication offers the manufacturing of individual custom-made parts, so this opportunity is of great importance to them. With ABAGY, you just need to upload a 3D model of the product, select seams, and set parameters for them. Then, robots and software will do the rest. Just a few clicks.

Danny Ray Leal from JP Metal Fabrication said, "It's really easy to use. We see a huge difference. I have used a Yaskawa robot before in another facility and I know what a big programming challenge it was. ABAGY has a very friendly interface and an incredibly fast launch of a new task for robots".

You can visit this production site. It is open to demonstrating ABAGY’s technology and sharing its experience. Leave a request on our website abagy.com.


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