17 november 2022

Fabtech 2022 trends: the robotization of high-mix, low-volume production is increasing

Fabtech exhibition, the biggest event in the US manufacturing industry, took place in Atlanta, Georgia last week. The ABAGY team visited Fabtech for the first time and is ready to share the insights from the event.
The key trend of Fabtech this year is the robotization of high-mix, low-volume production. There is a huge demand for the welding workforce in the United States which can be solved with robotic welding.
The question is going will be more manual welding or more robotic welding. There's absolutely no question. There's going to be more robotic, more automated welding
says Jeff Hoffart, Welding Automation Manager at Fronius USA, one of the world's leading manufacturers of welding equipment.
The main driver of robotization has always been the automotive industry. But now, according to the latest study by the Association for the Advancement of Automation (A3), non-automotive orders represent 58% of the North American total.

Previously, robotization was difficult due to the complexity of programming: robots were applicable only for the mass production of thousands of identical products. Now, thanks to new solutions such as ABAGY software, manufacturers can use the robots for custom projects or even one-of-a-kind parts.
At Fabtech 2022, the key robot manufacturers also discussed the high-mix, low-volume production robotization trend:
Welding is an important industry for Kuka. We work with ABAGY all over Europe, and see more high-mix, low-volume customers come to us looking for the solutions
Darcy Charbonneau, Sales Director USA at KUKA
It's really exciting to see how quickly the ABAGY team is advancing the technology. I think, high-mix, low-volume production is exactly where this technology shines. We work a lot with the automotive business, and our customers need this technology
Jon Karr, Vice-President at FANUC America
During Fabtech 2022, more than two tons of metal were used by ABAGY’s team and the guests to demonstrate the opportunities of AI & machine vision algorithms in welding. The live welding demonstration was performed at ABAGY’s booth.

The company also hosted a special speaking section dedicated this trend called Cost-Effective Robots for Any Type of Production. Here are the participants of the session:
  • David Suttle, Director of Sales at Abagy Robotic Systems,
  • Alex Domanitsky, Vice President of Business Development at Abagy Robotic Systems,
  • Ben Sagan, Business Development Manager - Robotic at Mitsubishi Electric Automation.
You can find more details about Fabtech 2022, including the interviews with vendors and participants, at ABAGY’s Youtube channel


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