22 February 2022

ABAGY launches a demo center near Chicago

See for yourself what ABAGY's technology can do
On the one hand, this is a demo robotic cell, and our customers and partners are welcome to come and take a look. On the other hand, this is a production solution that produces real parts every day.

In the photos below, you can see what the solution looks like. This is a robot with a positioner.
We launched it together with our partner Precision Zone. The company provides electronic and mechanical repair, exchange and sale of industrial CNC devices, robotics and automation. In this cell, Precision Zone welds one of its products - special tables for robotic welding.

Our software allows you to make your production as flexible as possible. You can easily switch from one product to another. You can see for yourself during the demo. You can move the part as you like, choose any welds, or even bring your own part, which will have many deviations from its 3D model. Our solution will deal with it.
Let's recall how our solution works. There are only five simple steps:
  • Upload a 3D part model and set welding parameters;
  • Freely place the part in the work zone;
  • Scanning the part;
  • Confirm scan results;
  • Robot welds.
You can book a demo right now.
Demo center address: 100 Chaddick Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090


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