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3 MAY 2022

ABAGY is Compatible with Major Robot Manufacturers

We cooperate with Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, ABB, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi
Our customers are free to choose their equipment.. It will be any brand of robot or welding source. We also work with any number of axes (with us, you can install any complex systems with a gantry, positioners, or even several robots)

We are constantly developing partnerships with equipment manufacturers. We conduct R&D projects and launch joint products.

For example, at the end of last year, we launched a product called Fanuc powered by ABAGY. A few months later, together with Fanuc, we installed a solution for a company that produces tools and fixtures for the construction industry. Without ABAGY, this client could not use robots.

Aleksandr Yashkin, Fanuc: "We had a really long history with this customer. We were discussing automation and robotization for all of this time, but only with the ABAGY software could we meet the full requirements for production output".
We also have installed cells with another robot manufacturer - Kuka. For example, this is a cell for a bridge manufacturer.

Yuriy Taganov, Kuka: "One of the myths about introducing robots into manufacturing is that a robot is only good for large-scale production. This project has shown that automation on such scales is possible and beneficial. Manufacturers should take steps towards robotization and get involved in such projects".

We also have a product Kawasaki powered by ABAGY.
In addition, we note that ABAGY is compatible not only with industrial robots but also with cobots.


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