21 June 2022

ABAGY’s new customer in the US

We are happy to share some exciting news: ABAGY has retrofitted a robotic cell for Schenck Process, one of the global leaders in applied measuring and process technology.
The robotic cell has already been operating at the Sabetha Kansas production facility. However, before ABAGY, it was used for a limited number of parts, as the programming was tedious.

ABAGY has installed machine vision and other hardware and made it compatible with its proprietary software. As a result, the setup time has been reduced dramatically - only 10-15 minutes for a new product - and the robot can be used for much more products. That’s a big win for Schenck Process with its high-mix production.

To give a couple of examples:
  • The cell has been historically used for welding various types of rotors. With ABAGY, setting up the system for a new design only takes 10-15 minutes
  • A relief valve with its pipe-in-pipe design was previously welded manually. The robot could not weld such a product as it required complex programming. With ABAGY, robotic welding became possible, as programming and running the job is almost 100% automatic.
It’s just the start of what we believe would become a long-term win-win partnership with Schenck Process.

Stay tuned for more news, and if you also have a robotic cell and want to increase its utilization, you can take part in our special program, which provides the best terms for the first five customers.

For more details, please reach out here on LinkedIn or leave a request for a demo on the website: https://abagy.com/retrofit


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