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If you are still thinking about buying robots and don't know where to start
If you have difficulties with already purchased robots and want to increase their utilization
ABAGY CLUB is an opportunity to learn more about robotics. You don't have to buy anything. Let's just get to know each other. We are happy to share our knowledge.

Only for ABAGY CLUB members

Consultation with our engineers (robot configurations, robot brands)
Communications with our product team (software features)
Special discounts on our products

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You fill out a form on the site
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Thanks to this, there are no random people in the club
You can get expert advice and keep up with the latest trends
In a special group on LinkedIn, ABAGY engineers and product managers share all the updates, you can chat with them and also each other
You develop a product with us
We are constantly improving our product by adding new features. You can influence the product
You get special offers
We have loyalty programs for some regions and industries. You will be the first to know about discounts
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