Bridge Structures
Benefits you get with ABAGY robotic solution

No changes in current workflow and current production requirements
>100 types of parts
Adaptive for non-serial production and non-
perfect parts
2-3x cost reduction
Welding cost reduction in 2-3 times with
robots compare to manual labor
5+ throughput increase
5+ throughput increase with 1 robot
Аrc time of 70% which is 6-7x longer than a manual welder
30% reduction on grinding after robotic
welding compared to manual processes
10% savings on wire and 10% savings on gas
Case Study
"In just under 15 minutes, two Abagy-controlled robots do the job that in the past took four of our most experienced welders 2 hours to complete.

Abagy enables my two robots to weld 50 different parts a month with almost zero switching costs and no robotic programmers in staff.

We increased our productivity and reduced our costs in 2 times"

Sergey Guryev, Chief Technologist, VSM - large bridge steel fabricator with 200+ welders in staff

Cell configuration option

Metal structures such as beams, piers, tie elements, and trusses
Working zone dimensions:
18 000 mm x 3 000 mm x 1 000 mm
Robotic cell dimensions:
21 000 mm x 6 000 mm x 3 000 mm
1 complex can do the work of 5 welders
Robotic cell:
2 robots on linear motions
2 sets of welding equipment
Technical vision
ABAGY adaptive software

Weld Quality

How is this possible?

No programming
To start welding a new product, simply load a 3D model. The control program for welding (the trajectory and sequence of equipment motions) is created automatically
The robotic system works with blanks that have deviations from the model
Using its machine vision, the system scans the actual dimensions/angle of the blanks or manually assembled structures and adjusts its movements and welding behavior depending on the actual position of the product/blanks
Place the parts anywhere in a working zone
There is no need to position products in the work area at the specified reference points
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