Heavy Construction Equipment

Heavy equipment manufacturers in such industries as mining, agriculture, construction often find it challenging to expand their welding processes. This is due to the diversity of the product range and the complex types of welds that are required. But all these limitations are easily overcome with Abagy's robotic solution.

Case Study: Increasing Productivity by 4x

Parts dimensions: up to 4 meters

208 welds, 70,3 meters of welds
Multi-pass welds required

Tack welded manually (resulting deviations from the 3D model)

The time for welding one bucket by a robot is 5 hours which is 4 times faster than manual labor
Main product: Bucket

Robot on 2-axis linear motion
Twin welding source
Technical vision
Adaptive software ABAGY
Manual welding
Robotic welding
22 hours
5 hours
Cell configuration option

How is this possible?

No programming
To start welding a new product, simply load a 3D model. The control program for welding (the trajectory and sequence of equipment motions) is created automatically
The robotic system works with blanks that have deviations from the model
Using its machine vision, the system scans the actual dimensions/angle of the blanks or manually assembled structures and adjusts its movements and welding behavior depending on the actual position of the product/blanks
Place the parts anywhere in a working zone
There is no need to position products in the work area at the specified reference points
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